domingo, setembro 16, 2007

digital, nos próximos 10 anos

Richard MacManus publicou recentemente uma lista das 10 correntes tecnológicas mais importantes para os próximos 10 anos no seu Read/WriteWeb. Publico aqui esses 10 tópicos porque estou bastante de acordo com a sua visão e porque eles se enquadram perfeitamente no quadro das linhas de apoios que a Comissão Europeia (EC) pretende ver aprofundadas no âmbito do FP7 Framework Programme, área das Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Neste quadro a EC definiu as linhas como challenges e foram definidos sete para a área de ICT.
Vejamos agora as 10 correntes delineadas por MacManus,

1. Semantic Web: In a nutshell, the Semantic Web is about machines talking to machines. It’s about making the Web more ‘intelligent’, or as Berners-Lee himself described it: computers “analyzing all the data on the Web – the content, links, and transactions between people and computers.”

2. Artificial Intelligence: In the context of the Web, AI means making intelligent machines. In that sense, it has some things in common with the Semantic Web vision.

3. Virtual Worlds: Second Life gets a lot of mainstream media attention as a future Web system. But at a recent Supernova panel that Sean Ammirati attended, the discussion touched on many other virtual world opportunities.

4. Mobile: In 10 years time there will be many more location-aware services available via mobile devices; such as getting personalized shopping offers as you walk through your local mall, or getting map directions while driving your car, or hooking up with your friends on a Friday night.

5. Attention Economy: The Attention Economy is a marketplace where consumers agree to receive services in exchange for their attention. Examples include personalized news, personalized search, alerts and recommendations to buy.

6. Web Sites as Web Services: Major web sites are going to be transformed into web services - and will effectively expose their information to the world.

7. Online Video / Internet TV: This is a trend that has already exploded on the Web - but you still get the sense there’s a lot more to come yet. It’s fair to say that in 10 years time, Internet TV will be totally different to what it is today. Higher quality pictures, more powerful streaming, personalization, sharing, and much more - it’s all coming over the next decade. Perhaps the big question is: how will the current mainstream TV networks (NBC, CNN, etc) adapt?

8. Rich Internet Apps: As the current trend of hybrid web/desktop apps continues, expect to see RIA (rich internet apps) continue to increase in use and functionality.

9. International Web: As of 2007, the US is still the major market in the Web. But in 10 years time, things might be very different.

10. Personalization: Personalization has been a strong theme in 2007, particularly with Google.

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