março 05, 2005

Graphics - Then and Now

In this video feature we can see an excellent colloquium with Will Wright, Jordan Mechner and Rand Miller, three of the most successful persons in game industry and also three survivors.

Graphics - Then and Now (2004)

Watch for 50 minutes, Will Wright the man behind Simcity to Sims, Randy Miller with Myst to Myst 5 and Jordan Mechner with the original Prince of Persia, passing by The Last Express to the last Prince of Persia Sands of Time.

março 04, 2005

Conference on Videogames at Bergen
CFP - 18 April, 2005

Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

CONVENTIONS | Game architectures. The analysis of formal, technological and narrative conventions of computer games

SOCIETY | The representations of society in contemporary game-worlds

EPISTEMOLOGY | The epistemology of computer games

BEAUTY | The audiovisual aesthetics of computer games

THEORY | Theories and methods of game analysis

INDUSTRY | Aesthetics and industrial imperatives
Well it seems that the 9.9 Billion that videogames factured were not only from the videogames itself but it accounts also hardware like consoles.

"Total sales including hardware, software and accessories was over $9.9 billion"