abril 04, 2014

Poema à criatividade e à vida

Grande poema audiovisual de Salomon Ligthelm, um criativo que trabalha em filme e música. Ligthelm recorre ao que melhor sabe fazer, o filme com uma cinematografia soberba e uma música atmosférica, e disserta sobre o cruzamento entre a vida e a criatividade, no pequeno filme "The Great Abyss" (2014).

Quando nos tornamos pais, o nosso mundo muda, o mundo à nossa volta ganha novos sentidos, aprendemos, crescemos, e como diz Ligthelm, "rendemo-nos", mas isso não nos torna menores, antes pelo contrário... Fica o filme, e abaixo o texto que transcrevi.

“I’ve to work hard, to make anything good… Every artist has some form of insecurity… About what they create… Is it good enough? It’s going to stay at the top? Still speak to people? Is it going to loose relevance?

You can’t worry about these things. You have to create, things there are truthful… truthful to yourself, authentic, and honest… and resonant with these experiences and situations that you gone through…

Often wish there I got to hardest things in life. So it makes my heart richer in some layer, questioning my own identity for some reason. I kind of have to deal with my existence being wrapped up by what I do… And I was confronted with that… I realised that when I had a kid… I want to be very okay with being a dad…

‘Have you surrendered yourself to the great abyss’. Have you come to the end of yourself… when you realise it’s not about you… it’s not about all your talents… because all those things form this persuasive reality, where you find all your validation in what you do… and if you surrender yourself to it, then those things don’t become as important, and you find your creativity again. You find out the reason why you create.

Creativity is fathers. It’s not for yourself. It’s to serve others.”

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