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Financiamento para Projectos Interactivos (MEDIA)

O programa europeu MEDIA está a oferecer financiamento para desenvolvimento de projectos interativos, até um valor de 150 mil euros ou 50% do orçamento de desenvolvimento. O financiamento é dirigido a empresas independentes europeias que tenham produzido e comercializado pelo menos um projecto interactivo nos últimos dois anos. O deadline é 13 de Abril de 2012.

Who is this funding for?  
Grants of this type are aimed at independent European companies whose main object and activity is audiovisual production and/or the production of interactive works, games development (or similar) from countries participating in the MEDIA 2007 Programme. Companies submitting an application must have completed a previous eligible interactive work and prove that the work has been commercially distributed during the two calendar years preceding the date of submission (01 January 2009) and the date of submission of their application. 
Which types of production are eligible? 
The scheme for Interactive Works aims to encourage greater multiplatform creation and collaboration between the audiovisual sector and developers of games and interactive content. It seeks to promote digital content presenting substantial interactivity, originality, creativity and innovation against existing works with European commercial potential. It focuses on supporting those interactive works that are specifically developed to complement an audiovisual work (animation, creative documentary or a drama).
What is eligible is the concept development (up to a first playable application) of digital interactive content complementing an audiovisual project (drama, creative documentary or animation) specifically developed for at least one of the following platforms:

  • Internet
  • PC
  • Console
  • Handheld device
  • Interactive television
This digital content must present:
- substantial interactivity with a narrative component
- originality, creativity and innovation against existing works
- European commercial potential
Your company must hold the copyright (at least to the concept).
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