domingo, março 18, 2007

XNA Challenges & Contests

The Warm up
Microsoft Academic Days on Game Development in Computer Science Education - Aboard the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship. "The Challenge was simple but completing it was anything but - make an original game, from scratch in 4 days. Each XNA Game Studio Express Challenge team worked from Monday March 5 to Thursday March 8 to bring their game to life."

“DungeonQuest” by Benjamin Nitschke and Christoph Rienaecker from Germany

“Simian Escape” by Jonathon Stevens and Patrick Glanville from the United States

“Damage Control” by Josh Butterworth from the United Kingdom

“AbduX,” by Andre Furtado from Brazil

You can download the 4 games here.

The real thing
The Dream-Build-Play Challenge
Design and build an original game for Windows XP SP2 or Xbox 360™† using XNA
Game Studio Express.

Innovation (40%) – Push your creative and technical limits.
Fun Factor (40%) – Hook our judges with exciting, entertaining action.
Production Quality (20%) – Make your game world as polished as possible.

Prize of $10,000 USD
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