março 21, 2007

Software for Game Design development, part II

Game Engines vs. Programming based tools

Interactive Playgrounds (Game Engines)

1 - Neverwinter 2 Toolset
2 - CryEngine Sandbox
3 - UnrealEd Runtime
4 - Source (Half-Life 2)
5 - Doom SD Kit

Advantages: powerful; embedded worlds, characters and behaviours

Limitations: difficult to change and expand beyond concepts of the game; portability, and uncertain future

Programming Based Tools

1 - Director Mx (Macromedia/Adobe)
- easy to learn
- strong limitations in 3d lighting

2 - Panda3d (Walt Disney Imagineering)
- medium to easy learning curve
- seems powerful

3 - Virtools (Dassault Système)
- awkward system
- very oriented into prototyping only

4 - XNA Studio (Microsoft)
- difficult to learn
- possibility to developp directly for Xbox

Advantages: Portability, limited only by the technology

Limitations: No materials available, everything (environments, objects or characters) must be developed from scratch, making it hard to start, manage and learn. By now, any of these solutions still have an uncertain future however they are in a better position than Game Engines.

Look fort Part I.

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