quinta-feira, março 22, 2007

Pixar Storytelling

The Commandments from the Pixar team.
  • "Empathize with your main character

  • Unity of opposites. Each character must have clear goals that oppose each other.

  • You should have something to say.

  • Have a key image, almost like a visual logline, to encapsulate the essence of the story; that represents the emotional core on which everything hangs.

  • Know your world and the rules of it.

  • The crux of the story should be on inner, not outer, conflicts.

  • Developing the story is like an archeological dig.

  • Animation should be interpretive, not realistic.

  • "Just say no" to flashbacks. Only tell what's vital, and tell it linearly.

  • Consider music as a character to anchor the film. Music is a keeper of the emotional truth."

"Like telling a good joke, storytelling requires that you know where you're going with a tale. You must know the punchline, the end result, the goal. Then, in arriving there, it's not so much what you say, but how you say it."
Daqui podemos extrair que a emoção anda de mão dada com a linearidade narrativa...
(from AWN)
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