terça-feira, março 20, 2007

Experimental Gameplay

. Innovative user interfaces that use natural language processing, image recognition, gestural control, new hardware devices, and the like.

. Generative games, where the gameplay or world is dynamically generated based on choices the player makes.

. Gameplay based on the emotions of (and interactions between) non-player-characters, where the player influences the characters to achieve some goal.

. Interactive storytelling, where the plot or dialog of the game changes in a fine-grained manner (in contrast with more typical discrete "branching points").

. Subtle emergent gameplay, where game systems interact to provide evolving situations. Physics-based gameplay would be an example of this. Another example would be a game with complex interpersonal interactions, like alliances and feuds between groups.

. Novel sorts of multiplayer interactions -- online, at the same machine, with wireless devices, using image recognition, or whatever.

from CFP of Experimental Gameplay
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