março 20, 2007

Software for Game Design development, part I

Programming languages
1 - Lingo - very easy to learn, with medium weaknesses
2 - Python - easy to learn, medium to high powerful when bind with C++
3 - Visual C++ - hard to learn but with unbeatable performance for games4 - Visual Basic - easy to learn, getting powerful5 - Engine Scripting - dependent of the engine, normally easy but limited
6 - LUA - as Python, less graphic oriented
7 – JAVAas C++ it’s hard to learn and powerful but it’s not as used as C++ in the industry

3D tools

1 - 3d Studio Max - best architecture for plug-ins, powerful
2 - Blender - open-source with a medium performance
3 - Maya - the best available for animation but very expensive
4 - Cinema 4D - easy to learn, but not as widespread as Max
5 - Poser - very handy for quick character design but useless for animation

Look for Part II of this article.

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