quinta-feira, outubro 18, 2012

esvaziando a perspectiva

Depois de há poucos dias deixar aqui um video experimental que apresentava ruas de São Francisco sem carros, agora é a vez de obras de arte famosas do renascimento. Bence Hajdu um estudante de Belas Artes húngaro resolveu "limpar" várias pinturas renascentistas para assim poder vislumbrar melhor a técnica de perspectiva.

The last supper (1495-1498) de Leonardo da Vinci
I am a student at the University of Fine Arts in Hungary. at one of the descriptive geometry classes we had a task to find and draw the perspective and horizon lines of renaissance and other pictures with significant perspective space. I thought it is not that interesting to just draw lines, so I decided to erase all the characters from them and examine how the painter really created the perspective space and how it actually looks.

I saw this could be something exciting and continued thinking and working on it. after a while I found myself interested in the new atmosphere and the new thoughts the retouched pieces generated without their main subjects. [Link]

Oath of the Horatii (1784) de Jacques-Louis David

Annunciation (1489-1490) de Sandro Botticelli

 Seaport with the Embarkation of St. Ursula (1641) Claude Lorrain

The Annunciation (1450) Fra Angelico

[via Gizmodo]
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