outubro 13, 2012

almas fixadas a óleo

Karien Deroo é mais uma artista belga que aqui trago depois de ter falado de Johan Van Mullen há poucas semanas. Deroo licenciou-se em Design Gráfico na Escola de Arte St. Lucas, Gent e trabalhou alguns anos como designer e ilustradora até se cansar e começar a dedicar à pintura. As suas grandes influências são Rembrandt, Velasquez, Van Dyck, Caravaggio, John Singer Sargent e William Bouguereau. O que mais gosto em Deroo é o trabalho na pele, as cores difusas e pastelizadas, e os fundos atmosféricos que aliados à mudaneidade dos personagens lhe confere uma leveza angelical configurando o seu trabalho dentro da corrente denominada de realismo/realismo mágico.

"I am self-taught, and find pleasure in discovering those techniques myself. Social contact in a school is nice but you should not be distracted from the real thing. I do not think that you can learn the techniques in a school around here. I learned a lot from certain blogs and websites on the Internet." Karien Deroo
Hallo II

The Unexpected
A Técnica:
"In my view technique is a way to express something, not an end in itself. I can spend hours in books and on websites to find out about how the painters of previous centuries worked, what colors and what binder, for instance, they used. The effect you achieve with a technique is the most important. You can learn from the old masters how human skin can sparkle with life, how you should paint the folds of a dress or how metal can shine on canvas." Karien Deroo 
Before it's all dark (the promenade)

fight (the boxer)
A mensagem:
"When I look at people and when I talk and listen to them, I want to reach their souls, to leave the surface behind and go deeper to find their inner beauty. Since I usually paint portraits, I always search for images of people who have a very silent expression on their faces and in their attitudes. They are in their inner world, looking out with direct stares, or looking away, dreamily captured in their own world. You don’t know what they’re thinking and it’s in this moment, I believe, that you can see their soul and make a connection with your own soul. I want people to have a connection with my paintings, through their soul." Karien Deroo
Our father

The Neighbours

Study of an Angel

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