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Toward a Ludic Architecture: The Space of Play and Games

Mais um livro digital (e-book) publicado pela ETC Press na área de videojogos, disponivel gratuitamente sob Creative Commons. Toward a Ludic Architecture: The Space of Play and Games de Steffen P. Walz, pretende trazer o background da arquitectura para o design de videojogos, o que me parece muitissimo interessante. A ler...

"My 366-page publication can help you analyze and conceptually design play and games from an architectural standpoint - an approach that becomes more important in an era where games extend into physical, designed space that is increasingly permeated by devices, sensors, and information networks, allowing for rules and fictions to superimpose our everyday environments. Toward a Ludic Architecture may not only be relevant to game designers. The book can come in handy, too, for architects, conceptual & interaction designers, media artists, marketing & branding agencies, directors, media producers as well as dramaturges who wish to instill play stimuli or game mechanics into their spatially oriented services, events or campaigns."
- Steffen P. Walz
“Architecture and game design have a great deal to offer each other, as Steffen P. Walz argues in this long overdue and rigorous meditation on the intersections between the two. In this highly original work, the author merges and contrasts some of the best thinking from game studies and architectural theory to explore both the space of play, and the play of space. To build his argument, Walz engages a dialog among disparate voices from psychology and sociology, philosophy, design and architecture, games and play studies, invoking the canon in each as well as introducing some new and relevant voices into the discourse. “
– Celia Pearce
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