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International Academic Positions / Emprego Académico


Assistant Professor area of Computer Game Development

School of Computer Science, Carleton University

Applications are invited for a tenure-track faculty position at the level of Assistant Professor, in the School of Computer Science at Carleton University. We are interested in candidates with expertise in the area of Computer Game Development. Applications are accepted at any time and the recruitment process will continue until the position is filled. The successful candidate will have demonstrated excellence and commitment in both teaching and research; will be expected to develop a strong externally funded research program, supervise students, and develop and teach undergraduate and graduate courses.

Send curriculum vitae and names of three referees to: Professor Frank Dehne, Director, School of Computer Science, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6, email: director@scs.carleton.ca.

deadline: November 30, 2007 but applications will be considered until the position is filled. The start date for the position is July 1, 2008.


Various research positions in Automated Storytelling/Game AI/Planning
Interactive Intelligence Lab & National University of Singapore

Are you ready to push the boundaries of digital entertainment?

The research project will address the area of automated real-time storytelling for games in a dynamic, user-specific way that adapts to the player's actions. Think of a Lord of the Rings game - if the player plays Frodo and decides not to destroy the ring but instead tries to convince the elves to join forces against Sauron, how would the story change, i.e., how would we generate a story alternative in an automated way so that a great story experience for the player is still guaranteed?
Primary areas of research in the project are artificial intelligence,
planning, storytelling, and user assessment. We are looking for:

- 1 Post-Doc
- 4 PhD Students
- 1 Research Engineer (Programming)
- 1 Research Engineer (Artist)

The project will start IN JANUARY, and while we'll likely not fill all positions right at the start, please contact me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in case you are interested: Alexander Nareyek, alex@ai-center.com.


Assistant Professor New Media and Digital Culture (0,8 fte)
Department of Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University

Applicants require a PhD, teaching experience on bachelor and master
level, and should be able to demonstrate affinity with the core themes
of the MA program New Media and Digital Culture: contemporary debates,
media comparison, popular culture, identity and participation,
communication and technology. We prefer candidates who are familiar with current debates in the field of computer game studies.

Salary: betwee € 2,279 and € 4,190.

For more information, please contact Joost Raessens, telephone +31 (0)30 253 6270 or by e-mail: Joost.Raessens@let.uu.nl. You can also have a look at our website.

deadline: November 11, 2007

PhD-researcher in Game and Media Technology (1,0 fte)
Department Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University

You will work on a project on automatic world generation based on real data. Building virtual worlds from real data such as panorama images is still a very labor intensive work, error prone, slow, and expensive. Therefore, the results is often small-scale, of low resolution, and not accurate. Our objectives are to research new algorithms to build virtual worlds automatically and from multiple data sources in order to alleviate these problems. We will exploit a combination of techniques from geometric pattern recognition, computer vision, and computational geometry. The envisioned results are methods that build virtual worlds fast and accurately. In this way, the quality of training people, mission planning, contingency planning, and decision making can be improved.

We ask MSc degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or any other relevant
discipline. Knowledge and experience in programming (C++), algorithms and
data structures, pattern recognition, computer vision.

Salary: between € 1,956 and € 2,502

For more information please contact dr. R. Veltkamp, e-mail: Remco.Veltkamp@cs.uu.nl or dr. M.J. van Kreveld, e-mail: marc@cs.uu.nl. More information.

deadline: November 23, 2007

2 PhD researchers in Game design (0,8 fte each)
Faculty of Arts and the Humanities of Utrecht University

The aim of this interdisciplinary research program is to investigate how media and game theory can be called upon to improve the design and thereby the learning results of educational entertainment and serious games. For that purpose, researchers from different disciplines such as media and culture studies and educational sciences aim to build upon theories of serious games and gaming according to which games are not only designed and played to entertain, but also to educate, train, and inform.

We are looking for two excellent and enthusiastic researchers with master's degrees preferably in the humanities with knowledge and/or experience in the field of media and culture studies, in particular new media and digital culture. With evident expertise in game studies, applicants with other master’s degrees will be considered as well.

Salary: between € 1,956 and € 2,502

For further information, contact dr. J. Raessens, telephone +31 30 253 6270, e-mail: Joost.Raessens@let.uu.nl. More information.

deadline: November 15, 2007
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