sexta-feira, julho 20, 2007

Gaming Literacy

A MacArthur Foundation atribuiu no passado mês de Junho uma bolsa de 1,1 milhões de dólares para a criação de uma nova escola pública de Nova Iorque com o objectivo de aumentar a literacia de ensino e outras capacidades através de “game design and game-inspired methods” a crianças da faixa 6-12 anos. Esta escola parte de uma iniciativa do Gamelab Institute of Play dirigido por Katie Salen uma das autoras do opus "Rules of Play".

Segundo Robert Hughes, presidente da New Visions for Public Schools.

“All players in the school – teachers, students, parents and administrators – will be empowered to innovate using 21st century literacies that are native to games and design. This means learning to think about the world as a set of in interconnected systems that can be affected or changed through action and choice, the ability to navigate complex information networks, the power to build worlds and tell stories, to see collaboration in competition, and communicate across diverse social spaces. It means that students and teachers will engage in their own learning in powerful ways. This project will reimagine the traditional school from top to bottom, based on research on how students today learn best—and will create a new learning environment that will prepare them for success in college and the 21st century workforce.”
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