domingo, julho 18, 2004

In the beginning I was looking for the convergence between film and virtual reality. I had a path to follow, to do a profound film study of 3-4 movies related to virtual reality, analysing the future consequences of VR in reality, in life, society, film - in the end a cultural analysis.
Then I turned my interests to storytelling - narratives, the art of storytelling, stereotypes of narrative - more versed in art theories.
Then I looked at emotions, the way to build emotions in a videogame through storytelling - psychology is over my head. 

In some way i've returned back to my prior quests before the PhD - Why is interactive content communication (like virtual reality) not as emotional as film?
Don't know where I'll be in the next couple of months. I feel that I need to focus, and above all to find a strong link between these works already done. I'll need to bang my head in looking for answers. Where is the goal, what is my final target, what am I trying to prove that nobody else have already tried?
Just know that I want something that mixes emotions, film, VR and storytelling. I also know that there are some people out there working in the same area and that probably already found some solutions. Maybe that I need to focus a bit more in a sub-area of all this 4 mixed areas... at the same time I'm afraid to go deeper because every time I've to write something (papers) on the area, I've to justify and explain everything in the beginning because not everybody is aware of the state-of-the-art in the 4 areas.
So, that's where I'm now. I'm working in the building of a straight line for this multidisciplinary PhD. Hope to find some answers till the end of the summer, in the between I'll have to finish the chapter on film study.  

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