julho 14, 2008

mais uma busca pela tristeza

No forum da Gamedev.net foi criada mais uma thread sobre momentos de jogo tristes, Saddest video game achievements. A ideia com que se fica é que as novas gerações de jogos estão cada vez mais atentas a este factor e sem dúvida que a descrição de dois momentos de jogo são dignos de qualquer filme, livro ou quadro e perfeitamente capazes de delinear em toda a sua graça uma estrutura narrativa de grande poder emocional.
por: SamLowry da Bélgica, Posted - 7/11/2008 9:22:06 PM

My saddest gaming experience was while playing Creatures, that experimental game where you had to take care of creatures equipped with a neural network which made them able to learn things.

One of my creatures got pregnant but was also very sick. Her health stats were dropping and I was hoping she would be able to lay her egg in time. She only had 3% life over when she finally did. Afterwards, she laid down next to the egg, closed her eyes, and died. Minutes later, the egg hatched, and a cute little creature came out. His mother's body still laid there. He crawled around it, uttering the same sounds the whole time. He then crept up against her and went to sleep.

I stopped playing the game then.

por: Moonshoe, Posted - 7/11/2008 12:51:14 AM

I remember one thing that happened to me in Sims 2 that kind of made me sad.

I had 4 Sims, a mom, a dad, a little boy and a teenage daughter.

One day, the dad was cooking something, and the house went on fire. The dad ran to the phone, but he couldn't get it because a bed was blocking it.

Eventually, the dad and the teenage daughter burnt to a crisp.

The mother was so depressed by the loss of her husband and daughter, she wouldn't even feed her son. Eventually, they took the boy away from her. Finally, the mother sim died of depression.

And that was the end of my Sim family...

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