terça-feira, dezembro 09, 2003

More Than a Game: The Computer Game as Fictional Form by Barry Atkins

«The author suggests to use the term "fantastic realism", which is meant to signify the game-world's internal coherence as the crucial factor in the player's suspension of disbelief»

"The text we read watches us over time, it presents the illusion of 'knowing' us as we come to 'know' it, of 'reading's us as we 'read' it" (147).

«Atkins even goes so far as to suggest that interactivity re-invests the work of art with something that it has lost, according to Walter Benjamin, in the age of its mechanical reproduction: its aura. Since players can change the text through their playing, the game becomes unique for each player and is not reproducible in this form.»
review at http://www.game-research.com/art_rev_atkins.asp

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